Fitbit Surge, Black


Keep track of your progress with the Fitbit Surge Black Watch. It has a sleek design and built-in modern technology that enables you to train smarter and go farther. Reach your peak performance on the track, in the gym and anywhere you are, all day with the help of this convenient device. With integrated GPS and automatic, continuous, wrist-based heart rate tracking, this fitness watch gives you real-time workout stats like pace, distance, calories burned, heart rate intensity and target zones to make the most of your training. Designed for all-day wear, it keeps track of your steps and how far you have traveled so you can increase productivity to achieve your set goals and acquire better fitness insights. The Fitbit Surge Black watch also lets you stay connected on the move with advanced smartwatch features like call and text notifications and music control. With this accessory, you’ll make every moment count. It’s available in multiple sizes and is water-resistant.

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FitBit Surge:  Get pace, distance and elevation climbed  Fitbit surge watch includes built-in GPS  Continuous, wrist-based heart rate monitoring    24/7 heart rate readings    Accurately track all-day activity like heart rate, steps, distance, calories burned and more     Text and call notifications   Record running, cross-training, biking, strength and cardio workouts    Monitor sleep   Sync stats wirelessly  Set goals and see progress    Water-resistant    Color: Black   Available in Small or Large


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