Fitbit Charge


Keep track of your fitness routine with the Fitbit Charge Band. This high-performance wristband allows you to energize your day by providing you with real-time fitness stats at all times. Now you can stay on top of what needs to be done while also setting goals and seeing your progress in real time. The illuminating OLED display shows the steps you have taken, distance traveled and amount of calories burned. The Fitbit Charge activity tracker can also keep track of how many minutes each day you have been active as well as how many steps you have climbed throughout the day. You can set the device to monitor your sleep and keep track of your downtime, and set a silent vibrating alarm at the end of the day. The Fitbit Charge activity wristband syncs your stats wirelessly to your smartphone or computer. It can also help you to stay connected throughout the day with features like caller ID and MobileRun setup.

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The Fitbit Charge Band, is available in two fashionable colors: black or slate.    Fitbit Charge:   Accurately track all-day stats   Bright OLED display    Monitor sleep    Access real-time stats    Fitbit Charge activity tracker lets you set goals and see progress   MobileRun   Sync stats wirelessly   Available in two colors: black or slate


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